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As the owner of Focused 4D Imaging, I am  very proud of the service I am able to offer my customers in the safest and most comfortable manner possible. I feel that realistic images provide a connection between the expectant parents and child that can be beneficial to the entire family. The first time you see your baby’s face and his or her heartbeat is a breathtaking moment!

More about our Facility

At Focused 4D Imaging in Nashville. we are an elective prenatal ultrasound studio that offers early gender determination, 3D/4D and HD LIVE photo sessions. We also sell gender reveal products, heart beat animals, plus many other baby items.  Because we offer service in Nashville, we cover a large geographical location in middle Tennessee. Our facility in Nashville believes that a 3D/4D/HD LIVE ultrasound is a wonderful way for families to bond even more with their unborn child. The experience will be very relaxing. It is set up in a quiet, relaxing environment where children and family members are welcome. We can comfortably seat 8 to 10 invited guests in our viewing room and are happy to have them join in the fun!  

Great Experience

We understand that you have options when choosing an elective 3D & 4D ultrasound studio. We want you to chose us as your first option, so we strive to give you a great experience. Customers are our top priority!  

Neat facts about us

Focused Imaging 3D/4D Ultrasound has been seen on Discovery Health, Oxygen, TLC, FIT Pregnancy Magazine, Pregnancy Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn, and more.

A peace of mind!

  • We adhere to a responsible set of guidelines at our ultrasound facility so that you can be certain that your ultrasound scan is both safe and enjoyable, including:  
  • We ensure that your scan will be well within the time limits that have been proven safe for decades. We DO NOT perform medical scans 
  • We will scan at a frequency level similar to your diagnostic scan to mirror the low levels established by the FDA for fetal use. We will provide a safe, private, and comfortable atmosphere for you and your family.    

What to expect

  • Good news, your bladder does not have to be full! You may use the restroom before you begin as we want you to be comfortable.  
  • Kids are welcome to come watch as well, we have a few toys to keep them occupied.
  • The ultrasound bed is an actual soft mattress to keep you as comfortable as possible.    

  *NOTICE* - Women seeking an elective prenatal ultrasound with Focused 4D Imaging must be currently receiving prenatal care with a healthcare provider and has previously had or will be undergoing an 18 - 20 week medical screening ultrasound, ordered by their healthcare provider to confirm the due date, screen for fetal anomalies and any other pregnancy related issues. 

During the ultrasound session , we conclude a non-diagnostic scan that might consisting of estimated heart rate, fetal presentation and number of gestations of the pregnancy. On request, starting at 14 weeks, we determine the gender of your baby. 

**PLEASE NOTE** - At no time should this elective exam be used in lieu of a complete screening and/or diagnostic ultrasound.